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Piedmont region is located in North-Western part of Italy and borders with France and Switzerland. It is the second largest region of Italy and is largely inhabited.

Piedmont litterally means "at the foot of the mountain", the region is in fact surrounded by the Alps mountain chain and by the Appennines which create a natural borders for this district.

The imposing Alpine heights reach more than 3.000 mts / 9.800 feet a.s.l. and fall dramatically along vertical slope creating a scenic landscape of uncomparable beauty.

Its main province is the elegant city of Turin, first capital of the Italian Kingdom in 1860. Very charming areas the Langhe and Asti districts, producing delicious nuts, the precious white truffle and refined wines among which the renowned red Barolo and the Fontanafredda Spumante sparkling white wine.

Piedmont is very rich of cultural heritage sites, such as enchanting castles, sumptuous baroque palaces and churches, interesting museums, some of which have been beautifully restored and dedicated to events, contemporary art exhibitions and cultural festivals.

Nature offer the ideal setting a wide range of outdoor sports and activities in every seasons: skying, trekking, hiking, free climbing, cycling, and many more...