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Puglia or Apulia is a long and narrow region, mostly flat, extending towards the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It has always been since ancient times a land of passage, a bridge linking populations ,cultures, traditions.

The most renowned tourist district is undoubtedly the Salento, offering a wide range of opportunities to visitors. Its coasts extends from Lecce, marvellous baroque town, southbound along the Adriatic Sea reaching the cape of Santa Maria di Leuca to then continue along the western side along the Jonio Sea up to the gulf of Taranto.

Here tourists can find large beaches very lively as well as rocky cliffs hiding small bays. The most popular destinations are Gallipoli on the western coast and Otranto on the Eastern one. The land between the two shores is quite wild and dry and the dominant vegetation is represented by olive groves. Here there are other jems, tiny villages such as Nardò, Galatina, Galatone, with their ancient palaces and charming tiny squares.

The natural environment of this region allows amusing outdoor activities and excursions.

The cultural heritage of groups of migrants from Greece which settled here a long time ago originated one of the most interesting situation for antropologists. The language, the chants and most of all, the traditional pizzica dance, with its obsessive and cathing rythms, created a cultural interest and movement based on local folk traditions which attracts every year many visitors from all over Italy as well as from aborad.

On top of Salento other interesting areas of Puglia are the main city, Bari, which old town is one of the most ancient and fascinating of Southern Italy, the tiny village of Alberobello with the carachterietic "trulli" round shaped houses with stone brick roofs, the spur of Gargano with the charming villages of Vieste, Peschici and Pugnochiuso. Other sites preserve imposing medieval fortresses such as Casteldelmonte and the castles built by the emperor Frederick II.

Local cuisine is based on simple and richly flavoured ingredients: tomatoes and other vegetables, fish, fresh soft cheese, bread and other bakery products, skilfully combined to obtain delicious recipes dressed with the rich and tasty local extra-virgin olive oil.