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Sardinia is a precious jem set in the heart of Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to the distance from the coasts of continental Italy, this charming and fascinating island well preserved through centuries its environment, language and traditions.

Talking about tourism, Sardinia is renowned mainly for its summer destinations along the sea, offering picturesque beaches, rocky cliffs hiding enchanting bays, crystal water. The Emerald Coast, Chia, the Costa Rei, San Pietro island and Carloforte, La Maddalena, the Costa Verde, the Asinara, Alghero, Stintino, Sant'Antioco, are just some of the preferred destinations mostly appreciated both by by Italian and foreigner tourists.

Sardinia can count on some of the most popular summer resorts as well as on very well preserved inland landscapes and environment. These are the perfect setting for outdoor sport activities immersed in wild nature.

This vast and beautiful island is also a very rich in culture: it features important archaeological sites as well as a remarkable intagible cultural heritage. The mysterious Nuraghi are evidence of very ancient human settlements on the island. Folk traditions are another attractive element of this region: festivals and reenactmernts, often connected to religious celebrations, are expression of an ancestral culture which uses still today unique dances and chants in the various dialects of the Sardinian language.

Local cuisine is based on genuine ingredients such as fish and, most of all, cheese and meats with strong and intense taste used to create original and delicious dishes.