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Bike passion
  • 28/02/2018
  • Lorenzo Ballarini
  • Outdoor activities
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Bike passion

From the passion for the <strong>Mountain Bike</strong> of three Umbrian boys and their desire to transmit the same passion to as many people as possible, in addition to creating a point of aggregation for all the disciplines of MTB comes the amateur sports association "<strong>Gallo A.S.D</strong>". <br />The founders, <strong>Andrea Tenuzzo</strong>, <strong>Lorenzo Ballarini</strong> and <strong>Mattia Tenuzzo</strong>, <strong>professional mountain bike instructors</strong> (PMBI - 1st level) offer their experience to anyone who wants to try their hand at this sport. The organization manages two sports facilities dedicated to the <strong>Bike</strong> world. <br />The <strong>Gallo Bike Park</strong>, the first of Umbria, inaugurated in the month of October 2017 in <strong>Avigliano Umbro</strong> in the province of <strong>Terni</strong>, has 4 formidable attractions: <br />the <strong>Pumptrack</strong>, an adrenaline route formed by bumps and jumps that helps to learn the MTB driving techniques; the <strong>Pro Line</strong>, a line of 3 jumps for the safe training of <strong>Freestyle</strong> expert athletes; the <strong>Cross Country Trail</strong>, a circular trail through the woods with simple bends and jumps; the <strong>Strider Track</strong>, a path to teach children the balance technique on the <strong>Balance Bike</strong>, bike without pedals. The second Bikepark, located at the educational farm The <strong>"Collina Incantata"</strong> of Narni (TR) is equipped with a Pumptrack suitable for everyone and a Pro Line training for Dirt Jump.