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Valnerina Bike Days 2018
  • August 01, 2018
  • Diego
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Events & exhibition

Valnerina Bike Days 2018

A festival dedicated to cycling in Valnerina, the paradise of outdoor sports.

Greenway of Nera adventure trail (MTB + eBike)

Randonnée MTB on 3 routes of 30/60/90 km. On the route with permanent signage of the Greenway del Nera three rings have been identified, concerning the Valnerina ternana (from the Cascata a Ferentillo), the Lago di Piediluco and the Prati di Stroncone. The 30 km ring is mostly flat and suitable for all types of cyclists. The second and third are rather demanding and concern a trained biker with good driving technique. In 2017 the first edition was tested. Due to the characteristics of the route and the landscapes that they meet, it can become a must for adventure MTB.

Umbria of the Grand Tour (Road Bike)

Randonnée Road on the tested route of the Grand Tour Rando, with permanent signage, which is spread over 4 rings of 50/100/200/300 km, is organizing the 2nd edition of the Umbria Grand Tour. The event follows the 5 editions already carried out of the Grand Tour Rando, organized Bikemotion in collaboration with the DIT. The new name of the randronnée has the purpose of differentiating the sporting event, under the responsability of the asd, from the bycicle touring product, managed by the tourist Consortium. The event has now become a regular appointment for the randonneur of central Italy and those who participate in the Italian ARI championship which it belongs. The randonnée is also included in the tests of the Spirito Rando circuit (Tuscan-Umbrian circuit) and is part of the regional project RANDO UMBRIA, organized by the Umbria & Bike Consortium under the name RANDO UMBRIA SUD.

Valnerina Bike Tour Easy (MTB+eBike)

Guided tour on a 25 km route. Reserved for groups of cyclists (even beginners) to discover Valnerina. The our runs along two rings routes with center Arrone. The first towards the waterfall passing under the cliff of Casteldilago and then along The Nera Greenway. The second verse Precetto and Ferentillo. There's an entrance to the waterfall just to see the jumo, a visit to Casteldilago (entrance to the Rubbish exhibition), visit the museum of Mummies of Ferentillo, visit the church of St. Giovanni and Arrone.

Valnerina MTB Tour by Night (MTB+eBike)

Guided night tour on a 25 km dirth path. A unique experience on a path similiar to the Valnerina Bike Tour easy but simplified to allow all bikers to experience the night driving immersed in a fabulous scenery. A visit to the illuminated Waterfalls  and to the three villages that meet along the route is also scheduled.

Grand Tour by Night 

Nightly route on a 32 km short route that follows the Grand Tour Rando Promo and uses its permanent signage. Trough the Forca d'Arrone you get to Piediluco along the Long Lake, then continue to Marmore and go down to Papigno and Valnerina and then go up towards Arrone passing under the illuminated waterfalls. A unique experience for all those who want to experience the thrill of night time cycling to enter the world of randonnée.

Stride Race

A competition for the children on a short ring with a bike without pedals to bring children closer to cycling as a game. This isn't a real competition. Children, led my MTB instructors, will leearn to use this type of bike, easy to use, that gets used to balancing on two wheels and helps to understand the driving technique. After gaining confidence, batteries will be made to reach the final. All participants will be rewarded. The bikes will be avaiable by the organization.

Test Drive eBike

In this context you can't miss a test drive to enter the world of eBike, the pedal assisted bike that is finally becoming fashionable, establishing itself as a means of transport for both urban mobility and for fun and sport. The eBike, in fact, brings to the cycling a number of people incredibly high who discovers this world and falls in love with it, sharing the same emotions and adventures with other bikers, with bikes with muscular traction. The eBike isn0t an electric bike but a bike with an engine that is activated simply to activate the cyclist's pedaling. This means that to make the bike move you must always pedal but, in this, you're assisted by the engine and everything becomes easier or, better, possible. Try an eBike is essential to be able to understand and appreciate it. This is why we propose a test drive open to all.

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