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Four elements, a land: Umbria and water!
  • 25/06/2018
  • Miriam
  • Umbria elements
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Four elements, a land: Umbria and water!

A hilly region, surrounded by mountains and without access to the sea ... yet the Green Heart of Italy literally teems with water!
Hot springs, minerals, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, rapids, gorges ... water is one of the four elements that most characterize the region of Umbria!

Water is a source of life, well-being and fun! The majestic Marmore waterfalls, the Tevere river that from north to south shapes hills and territory, the green Sources of Clitunno praised by poets, the placid Trasimeno lake between islands and villages, the Menotre waterfalls which overwhelm the village of Rasiglia, the valley of the Nera river with impervious nature and blue gorges, the Piediluco lake nestled between the mountains, the natural oasis of Alviano paradise for birdwatchers, the spa SPA of the ancient Baths of Triponzo, the "drinking" waters of Sangemini... A list of incredible places that evoke images of luxuriant nature, oases of relaxation and adrenaline outdoor activities!

Our journey in Umbria starts here!