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Fichi Girotti: almost 200 years of excellence
  • 28/10/2020
  • Miriam
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Fichi Girotti: almost 200 years of excellence

This was the obligation of the inhabitants of Amelia towards the Pope, according to some statutes dating back to the fourteenth century.
Because the name of the city of Amelia has always been linked to the production of dried figs.
Founded in 1830, and now in its fifth generation, the company Girotti produces one of the sweetest Umbrian excellences: the Fichi Girotti.
Girotti figs are appreciated all over the world thanks to the artisan production carried out according to the ancient tradition: after a careful selection, the best figs are placed in round moulds, filled with dried fruit and cocoa, pressed with a press until they take the typical "wheel" shape.
The wheel is then wrapped in the vintage packaging that preserves all the charm of time.

Fichi Girotti: almost 200 years of excellence

It was the '20s and Quirino Girotti, with a strongly innovative spirit, sensed that investing in advertising and giving a "modern" imprint to the company would change its fortunes.
So ceramic plates (obviously from Deruta) with the slogan were installed in all railway stations in Italy:
"Fichi Girotti - the sweet fruit speciality of Amelia - to be distributed in the major restaurants and buffets of the Italian railway stations".
In 1933 the advertisement landed on the transatlantic liner "Rex", introduced into the railway's travel baskets and exported to the United States: at 542 Daem Street in Brooklyn Bertinori Levi & C. distributed Fichi Girotti to the heart of New York.

Numerous national and international awards and prizes, collected over the years that have never changed the heart of the company: the production è always remained in the heart of Amelia.
Since 2004 the owner à è changed, there è più the Girotti family but the passion that distinguishes the work è the same!
Don't you want to try?
The choice is yours: blue for almond, green for walnut, red for candied fruit!

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