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Adrenaline passion: the 10 outdoor experiences not to be missed!
  • 18/08/2020
  • Miriam
  • Outdoor activities
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Adrenaline passion: the 10 outdoor experiences not to be missed!

Experience the thrill of descending the rapids, surrounded by lush vegetation in an exceptional natural setting, that formed by the stunning Marmore Falls.
Experienced instructors guide you down a descent of more than 3 kilometres on the rapids of the Nera River which, close to the waterfall, forms fourth degree rapids (on a scale of difficulty from 1 to 6).
Breathe in the fresh air, bathe in the cool waters of the river, get acquainted with the raft and launch yourself on the descent! Rafting is the perfect activity for the summer: in the "soft" version it is also suitable for children but for daredevils like you the one at the waterfall will be a truly unforgettable rafting!
>Rafting in Marmore

In the heart of the Cilento National Park, Vallo di Diano and Alburni the landscapes, flora and fauna leave you breathless. Why not admire them from a new point of view? A fascinating experience for lovers of nature and outdoor sports is a descent by kayak, the canoe used by the Inuit. Sailing slowly along the rivers Sele, Calore and Tanagro, or facing the incessant rush of the streams, you will cross gorges eroded by water of particular beauty. A sport suitable for everyone, absolutely to try!
> Kayaking in Campania

Canyoning is definitely the experience with a capital E!
One of those outdoor activities to try at least once in a lifetime!
Unspoilt places impossible to admire, reachable only through descents of cliffs, diving into waters (often icy) taking advantage of natural slides, waterfalls and walls!
Canyoning at the Forra del Casco, near Scheggino in Valnerina, is the classic of alpine canyoning.
It's a rather vertical descent, without deep basins but that gives fun and adrenaline with a jump that reaches a good 30 meters in height! Be careful: it is addictive and will make you want to do it again!
> Helmet Gorge Canyoning

Adrenaline passion: the 10 outdoor experiences not to be missed!

The Via Francigena is a set of ancient roads that pilgrims from all over Europe, already in the first millennium, travelled on foot to St. Peter's tomb in Rome. To enjoy the hills, the good air and the sun, what could be better than a mountain bike tour?
A circular route suitable for average expert cyclists that starts from Monteriggioni to Siena and the monastery of Abbadia Isola.
Several alternative routes for all tastes!
> Via Francigena by mountain bike

Free climbing?
Why not but sea view! In the wonderful setting of Salento, you can climb 365 days a year in perfect weather conditions.
The spectacular limestone of Capo di Leuca offers different levels of difficulty, a unique view and an inimitable adrenaline rush!
Perfectly overlooking the sea, you can let yourself be guided by more experienced climbers and try swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Baia del Ciolo at the end of the day.
> Climbing in Salento

Don't you like to get wet or can't you swim? Try the Quad!
Drive a four-wheeler up and down the hills, have fun alone, as a couple or with friends.
You can climb the hills of Lake Trasimeno, in the nature to make your experience even wilder! The fun and the right amount of adrenaline are guaranteed!
> Quad bike adventure in the hills of Lake Trasimeno

Adrenaline passion: the 10 outdoor experiences not to be missed!

Pure adrenaline: Parachuting!
If you want to see the world from a different perspective and feel a thrill that you won't forget this is the right experience for you!
Fly in tandem over the sky of Terni, in Umbria: an instructor will launch with you! Free fall for 60 seconds at a speed of 50 meters per second, open your parachute at 1500 meters above the ground and if you can keep your eyes open!!
The show is unique! What do you need?
A pinch of courage: to quote the great Luis Sepulveda, "only those who dare to fly fly fly"!
> Tandem flight in Umbria

Have you ever asked yourself what birds feel like?
Try flying on Lake Garda and you'll find out!
Taste the sense of freedom, let yourself be guided by experts in a two-seater hang-gliding flight.
The whistle of the wind, the sky, the setting of the Dolomites, the colours of the mountains and trees, the stretch of water below you: a unique emotion in total safety!
> Hang gliding on Lake Garda

One of the most beautiful cities in Italy and the world: Venice and its lagoon, a city to visit and admire through palaces, churches and museums.
But how many have seen it from above?
We offer you a unique experience: an exclusive helicopter flight to admire the city from a totally different perspective, the sky!
> By helicopter over the sky of Venice

An experience that evokes ancient novels: the floating flight of the balloon.
Carried by the winds and enchanted by the beauty of the Umbrian valley you will travel aboard a hot air balloon admiring the green hills and villages illuminated by dawn.
And at the end of the flight a rich breakfast and delicious local wines!
The PERFECT experience!
> Hot air balloon flight over the Umbrian Valley

Adrenaline passion: the 10 outdoor experiences not to be missed!