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  • July 10, 2018
  • Valentina
  • 1989
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On 1th and 2d September there will be held in Magione (Perugia) the Italian Roller Skating Championships for road racing specialties.
The roller skating marathon is a high-level competition that includes a 42 km route on a ring road or from one place to another.

The championship, which will be held at the Circuit of the Autodromo of Magione, was designed by the Italian Federation of roller skating, which for the third time have assigned the organization of the event to the Euro Sport Club.

The Championship is considered one of the most important events; for the organizers it will certainly be an important and difficult challenge but all the efforts will be put in place to leave the participants with an indelible memory!

The event includes over 450 athletes representing 90 sports clubs from all over Italy, accompanied by friends and family, who will be placed in the Trasimeno Lake area together with the federal managers, judges, timekeepers ... It is expected an influx of over 1500 people!

It will also be possible to enhance the territory in which the event will be held, together with its tourist attractions, to give participants the opportunity to enjoy their leisure time in a pleasant and relaxing way, as well as to pass a fun experience in the field of race!

As for the reception of athletes, carers and managers, all hotel and hotel facilities, restaurants and bars in the area will be involved.

It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable sporting and tourist event!