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  • 12/06/2018
  • Valentina
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Arrone is a medieval village included in the Nera river Park, an area of great environmental, historical and artistic interest. In addition to the overwhelming beauty of nature, the land reminisces of human activities that once flourished. Castles, fortresses, towers, monasteries and old mills are there to give one a glimpse of the atmosphere that once reigned over the area.

Arrone is one of the "Most beautiful hamlets of Italy" a club of tiny, charming italian villages where time seems o have stood still. It is also very close to the Marmore Waterfall.

In the village it is possible to visit the castle on the hilltop founded by the family of Arroni during the eleventh century. There is also the church of St. John the Baptist, the sixteenth-century collegiate church of St. Maria Assunta as well as the church and former convent of St. Francis. in the nearby district of Casteldilago lays the medieval castle, the historic church of St. Valentine, the church of St. Nicholas and the hermitage of Our Lady of the Rock. There are also, various buildings with frescoes attributed to the school founded by the sixteenth-century painter Giovanni di Pietro, known as Lo Spagna.

Other archeological evidence includes the old mills from the Roman period (the milling business was, then, favored by the abundance of water) and ancient Roman temples. The remains of more recent works are the subject of industrial archeology, since the lignite mine of Buonacquisto, closed down in 1958 due to the new sources of energy that burst on the scene.

The natural environment of the area surrouding the hamlet offers an ideal setting of uncomparable beauty for many outdoor sport activities such as trekking and hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, rafting along the river Nera.

Last but not least, local cuisine offers a variety of food specialties based on typical local production: truffles, fresh-water fish, sausages, berries etc.