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Which is the best time to do rafting?
  • January 31, 2019
  • Diego
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Which is the best time to do rafting?

Difficult to answer and impossible to be precise!

The water levels of the rivers are unpredictable, depending only on the rains, the melting of the winter snows and the external temperatures.

In particular, the descents after a few rainy days become more exciting for the waves that are created in the rivers. One advice could however be to choose a period of "low season", so as to find more water in the river, bearing in mind that the technical material that is provided keeps away from the cold!

In reality there is not a specific period in which it is preferable to do rafting, for the simple reason that everyone experiences the descent in a different way is therefore it can consider a more exciting than another.

However, we can say that normally the period in which the water courses are at optimal levels for rafting goes from April until the end of July.