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Rafting: what it is and how it is done
  • 17/01/2019
  • Diego
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Rafting: what it is and how it is done

Rafting is a fun and adrenaline water sport, whose name derives from the English expression "to raft", literally "sailing on a raft".
For the descent is used a boat with a special feature: favors the emptying from the water. The direction is given by the paddles.

The sport activity is practiced in groups therefore, according to the level of difficulty, it is suitable for families with children.

Rafting: what it is and how it is done

Some "high adrenaline" routes are not recommended for children and have age limits for running.
The inflatable boat is always driven by at least 1 enabled guide that dictates the descent conditions to the rest of the group.
Each member uses his own paddle, according to the indications received.
In the rafting centers the necessary technical equipment is supplied (for the correct clothing read "How to dress for rafting")

Rafting: what it is and how it is done

During the initial briefing occurs the confidence with the water of the participants with simple tests of aquaticity and how to be transported for a few meters from the current and then go back to freestyle.
The inflatable boat is then positioned at the point of embarkation for boarding the participants; the guide takes place on the tail of the raft, a position that guarantees the complete view of the crew, of the route and allows to give indications on the maneuvers to be performed.

At this point the game is done, it starts!

The rapids are fast and based on the flow of the river, the raft and the position of obstacles, the guide decides whether to cross or avoid the obstacle.
Rafting is an experience that gives strong emotions, allows you to be in contact with nature and ... get wet a little!

Rafting in Italy is a sport regulated by FIR (Italian Rafting Federation) that organizes events and competitions. The numerous associations face artificial routes, slalom, head to head, bottom and speed.

Rafting: what it is and how it is done