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The best rivers where you can do rafting in Italy
  • March 04, 2019
  • Diego
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The best rivers where you can do rafting in Italy

The best rivers where to go rafting in Italy

In this article we will try to make an overview of the best rivers where to go rafting in Italy.

For those new to this outdoor activity, we recommend reading the articles "Rafting what it is and how to do it" and "How to dress for rafting".

In recent years, more and more people in the period between spring and autumn are dedicated to the practice of rafting to experience the emotions that only this outdoor sport can give. But what are the best rivers to go rafting?
Let's find out, divided between north, center and south.

The best rivers where you can do rafting in Italy


Rivers with more significant and more difficult flows are scattered throughout the Alps:

Dora Baltea - Valle d'Aosta
La Dora runs along the Valle d'Aosta and is certainly one of the most beautiful rivers in Italy where rafting. It is born on the Mont Blanc and flows among mountains, woods and castles of the territory. It is a true paradise for lovers of this discipline.

Fiume Sesia - Piedmont
It is born from the Monte Rosa glacier at 2500 meters above sea level and runs for more than 100 km to throw itself into the Po. It is about an hour and a half drive from Milan. The Sesia is one of the most crystalline rivers where rafting, offers special rapids of the fourth degree and multiple routes suitable for everyone, even the most daring.

River Noce - Trentino
One of the most classic routes in Trentino. Il Noce flows in the splendid Val di Sole and is one of the classic rafting routes in the region. It rises in the Stelvio National Park at about 3,000 meters high. Characteristic is its turquoise color.
Val di Sole can be reached in about 2 hours by car from Verona.

Adda River - Lombardy
The Adda is born from the Alpisella mountain in the Rhaetian Alps. The most interesting part is in Valtellina, where it is perfect for rafting, particularly in the Sondrio area.

Fiume Brenta - Veneto
It originates from the Lake of Caldonazzo and Levico in Trentino and flows directly into the Adriatic Sea. The activity is interesting to drain in the areas of Valstagna, San Nazario and Solagna.

The best rivers where you can do rafting in Italy


On the Apennines you can find some interesting rivers where to go rafting, even if unfortunately their flow rates are more incongruous than those of the Alps, with the exception of the stretch near the Marmore Falls.

Lima - Tuscany
The Lima is born at the Abetone pass and offers maximum routes of III degree, suitable for families but also for young people looking for fun.

Rafting Pontevecchio in Firenze

Il Nera - Umbria
The Nera river is born in the Marche region, at 902 m s.l.m. on the Sibillini mountains, in the homonymous National Park; the springs are located in the municipality of Castelsantangelo sul Nera.
The Nera offers in many stretches an easy route suitable for families and children but it is also famous for a particularly adrenaline section of the fourth degree about 2km long, located downstream of the Cascata delle Marmore, the highest in Europe.

River Corno - Umbria
Born from Monte Terminillo in Lazio, flowing only in uncontaminated natural environments that make its crystalline waters. In the quieter stretches like that of the gorges of Biselli, it is possible to perform simple descents and admire the landscape of overhanging rocky walls.

Fiume Aventino - Abruzzo
It was born 860 meters from the Sorgenti di Capo di Fiume in the province of Chieti. It is a torrential river, a characteristic that makes spring and the first part of summer the best moments to carry out the activity. In the upper part has a narrow and sloping bed more suited to those who want to experience strong emotions (maximum III degree), while in the lower one it widens allowing a quieter navigation and suitable for families with children.

The best rivers where you can do rafting in Italy


In the south, unfortunately, it is more difficult to have the opportunity to go rafting, but some rivers allow you to try this experience.

Lao River - Calabria
Born in Basilicata in the Pollino Park, it is a river that flows inside spectacular rock gorges and offers a fairly constant navigability throughout the year.

Tanagro River - Campania
Born in the form of a simple stream upstream from the Municipality of Casalbuono, it crosses the Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. In the territories of Auletta, Caggiano and Pertosa where it also collects the waters of the Angel's Caves, it is possible to go rafting.