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Adventure Sport in Umbria
  • 22/04/2020
  • Riccardo
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Adventure Sport in Umbria

Some call them extreme sports, others consider them sports like many others. We like to call them Adventure Sports.

What are they? They are all those sports activities, even traditional, but united by the search for extraordinary emotions, obtained through the experimentation of danger and an intense physical commitment.
Some involve risks due to speed, heights, physical exertion, extreme environments or duration of performance, but is it not true that all sports have a hazardous component?

In fact, the use of the term "extreme sport" has spread widely to describe a number of different activities, but which are considered really extreme, is the subject of discussion. The boundary between one typology and the other is very thin, however there are some characteristics common to the category we are talking about.
Most likely, although it is not an exclusive domain of young people, extreme sports tend to have a lower age target than average. In addition, the practice of these disciplines is rarely authorized within schools and tend to be carried out in solitary as opposed to traditional sports.

The media classify as extreme those that differ from traditional sports for a greater number of uncontrollable variables, often related to weather conditions or to the type of terrain (such as the presence of wind, snow, water and mountains). Since these are natural factors that are beyond man's control, it is clear that they can inevitably influence the end result.

We have therefore found that there is no exact definition, just as we have discussed what is considered as an extreme sport. However, there is one aspect on which everyone agrees: the method of classifying sports. To qualify as such, it must fall under both of the following definitions:

- It must be a sport, or it must assume a considerable skill and/or physical capacity on the part of the participant in order to avoid its non-execution.
- Be extreme or pose significant risks to the participant in the event of non-performance.
The category of extreme sports can also be divided into:

- Disciplines with means of transport: motor-driven or not, on snow, ice, water or asphalt.
- Disciplines without means of transport

What sensations provokes the development of an activity defined as extreme? Some assume that he is able to induce an adrenaline rush in the participants. However, from a strictly medical point of view, the acceleration or strength associated with performance, are not caused by the release of adrenaline as a response to fear, but by the increase in dopamine levels, endorphins and serotonin released into the brain due to the high level of physical effort sustained. A recent study also suggests that the link between adrenaline and extreme sports is doubtful.

Whatever the truth, there is no doubt that the practice of a sport that falls into this category, however, provokes emotions and feelings that probably would not be possible otherwise.

For some of them it is possible to have various levels of difficulty and experience required by the practitioners. This is the case with particular rafting descents or canyoning trails. More than extreme sports in this case it should be pointed out that these are challenging variants compared to others, which require certain requirements by those who want to practice them: age, weight, experience and other characteristics absolutely common, but still capable of narrowing the circle of those who are allowed to run.

Finally, it is important and necessary to remember that the development of a challenging canyoning, a parachute throw, paragliding or hang gliding, as well as a climbing in an icy wall, are disciplines that are carried out in full compliance with the strictest safety standards.
The risk component is largely limited by the professionalism of the guides and instructors who will accompany the participants, which is why it is very important to rely on professionals in the sector, with proven experience and expertise.
In extreme sports or adventure, also the most challenging variants of those that usually fall into the category of outdoor:

Paragliding, parachuting and hang gliding flights




Adventure Sport in Umbria

Hang-gliding and paragliding in Umbria

The idea of flying, the desire to imitate birds, has always aroused extraordinary feelings in man. From the myth of Icarus to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, until the invention of the Wright brothers.
However, sitting in comfortable reclining armchairs we do not feel the feeling of being us, with the movement of our body, to allow us to hover in the air. Sensations that appeal to paragliding and hang-gliding enthusiasts.
A few steps and away... A long breath and the air seems to suddenly have a scent never felt before. Once in flight, the silence is almost surreal. The only noise you feel is that of the wind between the ropes of the sail. The senses are colored with emotions never experienced before. Once the powerful emotional charge of the first seconds is exhausted, we begin to become familiar with this new perspective: it's time to enjoy the view reserved for birds and the lucky few who have this passion in their blood. Down below, with the cutting light of a splendid sunset, the green of the woods and the countryside lights up in all its shades, and the horizon line becomes more marked. An experience to live, halfway between reality and enchantment.
Paragliding is the most fascinating, engaging and safe way to soar in the air. And now, thanks to the two-seater, it is within everyone's reach. The first flight is an indelible memory to cherish for a lifetime. A few words can describe it, you have to prove it.

Tandem paragliding in Assisi

Tandem paragliding or hang gliding in Castelluccio di Norcia or Poggio Bustone

Tandem paragliding on Monte Cucco

Adventure Sport in Umbria

Skydiving in Umbria

Tandem parachute launch is the fastest way to try skydiving and free fall. In a brief and clear briefing on the ground, the instructor will explain the course of the launch, flight dynamics and prepare you for the launch.

You will be shown the material used and the systems that ensure the safety of the launch. A panoramic flight by plane of about 15 minutes on the city of Terni (Umbria) precedes the launch, and once arrived at the altitude of 4200mt, firmly joined to an instructor, you will fly for about 60 seconds in free fall at an average speed of 200 km/h...a minute of pure adrenaline!!!!!.

From the moment of opening, you will maneuver the parachute with the help of the pilot for another 6 minutes until you gently touch the ground. All you need is a little courage to really fly and live an unforgettable experience.

Tandem parachute jump in Umbria

Adventure Sport in Umbria

Climbing in Umbria

A unique and unrepeatable landscape: the Ferentillo crag. Shaped by man, who has been able to preserve its authentic nature, this place offers the most suggestive a free climber could wish for. Look at the climbing wall, follow its lines and protrusions and then feel the rock under your hands: climbing is the contact with the mountain, an undertaking no longer reserved for a few, but which enjoys increasing popularity for the desire to challenge its own forces, to be able to observe the altitudes from a rock balcony that gives a total natural experience.
Sport climbing is a type of climbing that is based on permanent anchors, fixed to the rock as protection and safety. The term is used in contrast to traditional climbing, using instead of removable protections such as nut and friend.

Climbing in Ferentillo

Adventure Sport in Umbria

Canyoning and Rafting

As mentioned above, both canyoning and rafting can be defined as extreme sports in their most challenging variants. This is the case of the gorges of Rio Freddo, Pale and Pago le Fosse, suitable for those who have already gained experience in previous releases. The same applies to rafting at the Marmore Waterfall, which has rapids of 4, among the most challenging in Italy. The Marmore Waterfall is one of the most demanding in Italy. For this reason some basic requirements are necessary: age between 18 and 55, weight not exceeding 100kg, swimming ability and no medical pathology.

- Pago le Fosse Gorge
- Rio Freddo gorge

- Pale Gorge

- Rafting Marmore