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The best e-Bike routes for a holiday in Umbria
  • 25/01/2021
  • Riccardo
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The best e-Bike routes for a holiday in Umbria

Ex Spoleto-Norcia Railway

Between the Italian mountain railways, the Spoleto-Norcia, designed in 1912, represented a daring undertaking, difficult, almost a work of railway art.
Nestled between the Appennini, but for altimetric characteristics considered therefore an alpine railway, the Spoleto-Norcia was a real jewel of engineering: in just 51 kilometers there were 19 tunnels, including the almost 2 km long Caprareccia pass, 24 bridges and viaducts in helical sections, slopes up to 45 per thousand!

A real artistic and landscape heritage abandoned for too many years, which has finally returned to shine in 2014. After the restoration and consolidation of the old route, an unparalleled pedestrian and cycle path of about 34 km made of tunnels, viaducts, inaccessible gorges and waterways was inaugurated. The route is characterized by narrow gorges, high mountain landscapes with slight slopes, up to reach the maximum altitude at the point where the tunnel of Caprareccia is located.

The Spoleto-Norcia is a historical and naturalistic itinerary inserted between Italian Cultural Heritage that attracts fans of nature, outdoor, mountain.

The best e-Bike routes for a holiday in Umbria

Greenway del Nera

The Greenway del Nera consists of dirt tracks that skirt the Nera River and make its territory usable in a slow and very low impact mode. It is nothing more than the set of different tracks: the Benedictine routes, the Via Francigena of San Francesco and the ex Spoleto Norcia railway, all connected to form a well-marked ring of about 180 km. The last stretch in particular runs along the banks of the Nera river, lapping the woods of the steep sides of the valley, constantly immersed in the unique and characteristic greenery that makes it really fascinating from the point of view of landscape and nature.
At the same time it crosses the numerous hilltop villages that are the background to the Valnerina in this area: Sant'Anatolia, Scheggino, Ceselli, Ferentillo, Arrone and Casteldilago are just some of the jewels that should be visited, even if only briefly, to enjoy the excellent food and wine of the territory.
The last km lead to the Lower Belvedere in the Marmore Waterfall Park.

The best e-Bike routes for a holiday in Umbria

Via di Francesco

The Via di Francesco is a path of great spiritual and natural value that crosses Umbria from north to south, touching some of the most beautiful cities in the region. The route was born as a way to walk, but also in e-bike remains an evocative experience and full of spirituality: cycling in the green, meeting the locals, visit mystical places but characterized by that authenticity and hospitality that only Umbria is able to offer. The Via di Francesco is a path that connects some "places" that witness the life and preaching of the Saint of Assisi. It is a pilgrimage that aims to retrace the footsteps of the Poor Man along simple and welcoming places, able to allow even the man of today to seek the meaning of his own existence. By convention its extension goes from La Verna to Rieti, finding its fulcrum in Assisi, but for convenience it divides the Via di Francesco in 2 Ways: the North route and the South route.

The North route starts from the sanctuary of La Verna, passing through the chain of the Alpe della Luna up to the upper Tevere Valley. The last area that you meet before arriving in Assisi is the basin of Gubbio, in which evidence of an ancient Roman centuriazione.

The South route starts instead from the Valle Santa Reatina, territory of ancient monastic settlements. Continuing, you pass through the Valnerina and then you reach the central part of the route: the Valley of Spoleto. The last stretch before arriving in Assisi winds through Foligno and Mount Subasio, a town rich in historic centers of great interest, as well as religious buildings of all ages.

The best e-Bike routes for a holiday in Umbria

Ciclovia del Tevere

It is a route that constantly skirts the Tevere and connects Città di Castello to Perugia. The river is the backdrop to the route, showing itself in this stretch still incredibly transparent and surrounded by lush and characteristic vegetation. Of great interest are the towns and villages that meet: San Giustino, Città di Castello, Montone, Umbertide and finally Perugia, rich in art and historical monuments. The Etruscan Arch, the National Gallery of Umbria, the Palazzo dei Priori and the Fontana Maggiore, together with the many historical buildings and the many solutions to taste typical products, are a worthy conclusion of this itinerary.

But Umbria is just one of the wonderful places to experience your e-bike, in fact here you can discover the best e-bike itineraries in Italy.

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The best e-Bike routes for a holiday in Umbria