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Why to rent an e-Bike
  • 25/01/2021
  • Riccardo
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Why to rent an e-Bike

Cycling is a sector that is going through a moment of glory and constant growth, especially thanks to electric bicycles with pedal assistance, the now famous e-bikes. They have the great privilege of "shortening" the distances and reducing the fatigue by a lot, making the two-wheeled exits accessible to an increasingly wide and varied audience.

Thanks to this last aspect it is clear that it is not necessary to buy, especially if you want to spend a holiday once a year in the saddle. Therefore, the possibility of renting an e-bike anywhere becomes fundamental for end users, and in this perspective, even bike-rent shops are spreading like wildfire.

With this guide we try to provide you with support to make the right choice.

Renting it for one or two days of fun is very simple, relatively no expensive and therefore affordable for everyone. The same applies if you need it for longer periods, such as a week. The important thing is to pay attention to some precautions that can be very useful for not incurring inconvenience. Many of you improvise "rental professionals" and many of the potential users are poorly informed and inexperienced, that's why we provide you with a short list to understand what are the rules for renting an E-bike!

Why to rent an e-Bike

Choose the right place for rental
The basic rule is to choose rentals that have new or good e-bikes, clean and ready to be used. The structure must seem well organized, with a fleet of bikes on display, possibly all of the same brand and available in different sizes. A workshop available and the possibility of charging are a good added value. If the vehicles are dirty, poorly maintained and the center seems to you neglected and messy, maybe it is better to change... The manager is required to explain the correct use of the e-bike in all its components: engine, indicative battery life, brakes, gearbox, and other useful details.

How much it costs to rent an e-bike
The rental can be made on an hourly basis, for half day, full day or for several days, according to your needs. Obviously the longer the duration of the rental and the lower the price in proportion. Normally the rates are around 25-35 euros for the half day and 55-80 euros for the whole day. It goes without saying that the type of e-bike affects the final price.

The right e-bike for you
The correct measurement of the vehicle and the adjustment of the saddle height are the first operations to be carried out. The height is used to determine the size of the e-bike, then you will proceed to the adjustment of the saddle. The weight also affects the other settings to be made on tires and suspensions, as well as on battery consumption.

Helmet, standard and emergency equipment
Although it is not mandatory, the rental must provide the helmet, although it would be preferable to have your own helmet for hygienic reasons. It would be advisable to also have a saddle bag with repair kit punctures, pump and small set of tools. It is advisable to have a backpack with you to store water, a small snack, a towel and a windbreaker.

Why to rent an e-Bike

Suitable clothing
Depending on the season, if you ride to the sea you will dress lighter than in the mountains. However it is good to keep in mind that with the ebike you generally travel faster and therefore a vest or windproof jacket are useful.
In addition, in the summer months the weather conditions in the high ground are variable and not always predictable, can arrive quickly storms or heavy rainfall (especially in the afternoon) and it is always better to be equipped with a waterproof jacket of quality, Better with a hood.

The battery is not everlasting
If you have never tried an assisted bike you can be taken from the "electric euphoria" and start to pedal uphill in Turbo (the greatest power), maybe with hard ratios, to end up with the fast battery consumption.
In addition, two people of different weight with the same ebike can have diametrically opposed consumption.
Try to manage assists and power consumption by keeping an eye on the display and battery notches. Pedal with light ratios. If the planned lap is long it is better to use low assists (the first or the second) and as you proceed you can adapt.
If you plan a lunch break in a shelter you could take with you the battery charger and take advantage to recharge the e-bike a bit. Every battery has its own dedicated charger, remember that.
All this highlights how important it is to have an estimate of the kilometers and the altitude difference that will be faced. Being in the city with a low trekking ebike is very different than being in the mountains with an emtb without battery and still have climbs to cover.

Renting electric bikes: lots of common sense
As you can see, there are many things to consider, but most of them are dictated by common sense and a minimum of practicality.

Thanks to the ebike, even without being trained you can enjoy the majesty of wonderful places and hardly accessible with the traditional bike, without problems to the joints due to the excessive effort of the climb and still burning several calories.

The important thing is to know your limits and be a minimum prepared, so have fun riding an ebike as never before.
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