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Christmas traditions: exchanging gifts!
  • 14/12/2019
  • Miriam
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Christmas traditions: exchanging gifts!

Christmas is a religious festival rich in pagan traditions from all over the world.
The Christmas tree, holly, Yule Log, star, decorations, postcards, mistletoe, typical foods and the exchange of gifts. This last Nordic tradition seems to date back to the festivities of the Yul, the winter solstice.
The tradition of gifts is one of the most important aspects of Christmas in the world: the mythical figure that brings gifts to children was born from St. Nicholas Bishop protector of children, whose name inspired the character of Santa Claus.
The most common idea is that Santa Claus is a chubby gentleman dressed in red, with a long beard who lives in the distant Finnish Lapland. On Christmas night, he arrives on a reindeer-drawn sleigh, goes down the chimney and brings gifts to the children.
The children write down their wishes in a letter to Santa Claus, who cares to grant them!
How do you fulfill the wishes of those who are no longer children?
Every year the consumer frenzy brings millions of people into crowded shops and shopping malls to buy gifts whose value, unfortunately, is not always perceived.
So, what to give?
Give an original experience, the memory will remain imprinted in your mind!